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Over 2000 songs, many genres, with chord diagrams, standard and bari tunings, with audio. Beginner's section, chord theory, practice exercises. For performers: over 300 2-page medleys, and lyrics to make songsheets for audiences.

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Chord library offering a large and comprehensive selection of ukulele chord charts including a complete list of slashed chords and an extensive collection of photos and sound samples in various tunings.


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Category: Ukulele Blog
Rank Title Category This Month Average Stats
#4Neutral Ballarat Ukulele Group Ukulele Events 31 44.5 Stats
#5Neutral Ukulele - mały wielki instrument Ukulele Tabs, Chords 13 25.5 Stats
#6Neutral Ukulele Tabs, Chords 14 20.6 Stats
#7Down Richard G's Ukulele Songbook Ukulele Tabs, Chords 0 17.4 Stats
#8Neutral Learn to play romanian music at ukulele! Ukulele Blog 27 11.5 Stats
#9Up CoolCatUkes Ukulele Blog 15 11.2 Stats
#10Neutral Ukester Brown Ukulele Tabs, Chords 5 10.5 Stats
#11Up Ukulology Ukulele Lessons London Ukulele Lessons 8 9.1 Stats
#12Neutral UkeFever Ukulele Tabs, Chords 4 8.3 Stats
#13Neutral Ukulele Shop 3 8 Stats
#14Down Uke School - Interactive Ukulele Lessons Ukulele Lessons 3 7.9 Stats
#15Up Ukulelefan Ukulele Blog 0 6.8 Stats
#16Up Ukulele Tabs, Chords 5 5.4 Stats
#17Up Ukulele Spain Ukulele Blog 1 5.4 Stats
#18Neutral Ukulele Rocks Ukulele Lessons 3 5 Stats
#19Neutral Jims Ukulele Songbook Ukulele Tabs, Chords 1 4.8 Stats
#20Up Dominator Ukulele Tabs Ukulele Tabs, Chords 5 4.4 Stats
#21Up Ukulpic Ukulele Blog 3 4.4 Stats
#22Up UKE Republic Ukulele Shop 1 3.9 Stats
#23Neutral Ukulele Chordfinder Ukulele Tabs, Chords 0 3.5 Stats
#24Neutral DaSilva Ukulele Co. Ukulele Manufacturer 2 3 Stats
#25Neutral Uke 'n' Play Ukulele Blog 14 2.8 Stats
#26Up ukulele mahalo Ukulele Blog 14 2.7 Stats
#27Down UkeIreland Ukulele Blog 1 2.6 Stats
#28Up fvguitars&ukulele Ukulele Manufacturer 0 2.6 Stats
#29Down Just Ukuleles Ukulele Shop 12 2.6 Stats
#30Neutral Uke Nut Ukulele Blog 0 2.5 Stats
#31Neutral Andy Eastwood - official site Ukulele Shop 3 2.5 Stats
#32Neutral Ukulele Tiger Ukulele Blog 11 2.5 Stats
#33Up Oakridge Ukulele Festival 2014 Ukulele Events 15 2.5 Stats
#34Down Moore bettah Ukuleles Ukulele Manufacturer 1 2.4 Stats
#35Down Ukulele Boudoir Ukulele Blog 0 2.4 Stats
#36Down Uke Leash -strap support without drilling or hooks Ukulele Tools 2 2.4 Stats
#37Down Fine Art Ukulele Ukulele Blog 13 2.4 Stats
#38Down UKE Republic FB Fan Page Ukulele Blog 14 2.4 Stats
#39Neutral Uke Cifras Ukulele Tabs, Chords 13 2.2 Stats
#40Down Ukulele Blog Ukulele Blog 0 2 Stats
#41Neutral Uketienda Ukulele Shop 12 2 Stats
#42Down Ukulele Blog 1 1.6 Stats
#43Down Tiki King Ukulele Shop 0 1.5 Stats
#44Down Ukulele Tuner @ Ukulele Tools 0 1.4 Stats
#45Neutral Peter moss ukulele Ukulele Blog 0 1.4 Stats
#46Down Kauai Rainbow Ukulele Lessons 0 1.3 Stats
#47Neutral Ukulele Inspired Ukulele Blog 0 1.3 Stats
#48Neutral Play It Daily Ukulele Ukulele Lessons 4 1.3 Stats
#49Down Ukulele Blog 0 1.2 Stats
#50Down Learn To Play Ukulele Ukulele Lessons 0 1.1 Stats